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Milestone (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#19 UTF8 coverage (#11175) Formatting defect westi new 07/13/11
#99 Custom post types not correctly unregistered Test Framework defect new 06/30/12
#104 Image tests are slow Images/EXIF defect nbachiyski new 07/08/12
#106 Custom taxonomies and post types does not work in UT Test Framework defect new 07/16/12
#114 Tests_Upload::test_upload_dir_absolute() uses an absolute *nix path Uploads defect new 07/27/12
#120 Report on @ticket annotations in tests Test Framework defect new 08/12/12
#121 Test running cron Cron defect new 08/17/12
#132 Unit Tests for #WP21181 Multisite defect new 09/25/12
#135 Test for the function image_make_intermediate_size() Images/EXIF defect new 10/13/12
#138 Last test_wp_unique_filename() test fails when space is in path Uploads defect new 10/31/12
#139 Blogs are created using MyISAM with no transaction support Multisite defect new 11/09/12
#140 Reset permalinks between tests Test Framework defect new 11/13/12
#22 get_template_part() tests Capabilities enhancement new 07/29/11
#110 Public functions for cache should be directly tested Cache enhancement new 07/19/12
#116 Add more coverage for query.php Query enhancement new 08/06/12
#119 Make canonical tests faster Canonical enhancement new 08/07/12
#124 "Try" functionality Test Framework enhancement new 08/25/12
#131 Unit Tests for Core #21767 (Remove stripslashes from API functions) Escaping enhancement new 09/21/12
#136 add/remove_theme_support() per post type for post-thumbnails Themes enhancement new 10/17/12
#141 Use wp_tempnam()? Test Framework enhancement new 11/16/12
#142 Ability to easily suppress deprecated warnings Test Framework enhancement new 11/26/12

Milestone Fix Existing Tests (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#30 Rewrite WPTestGalleryPost to use _WPDataset2 Formatting defect westi new 04/09/12
#35 TestUploadFunctions needs multisite checks Multisite defect new 04/12/12

Milestone Implement New Test Runner (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#39 Establish convention for testing plugins Test Framework enhancement new 05/23/12
#105 Prevent deadlock when debugging with xDebug Admin Screen enhancement new 07/12/12
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